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Practice Archery like an Art

Nocking an arrow and pulling a bow means more to us than hitting the bullseye

Our Classes

10AM on Sundays

Our comprehensive beginners course for adults (ages 13+) provides you with all the essential skills required to embark on your archery journey.

Limited spots each month – Click below to book and view more details!

9AM on Sundays

A one on one “buddy system” to receive personalised guidance from experienced archers. This supportive environment not only nurtures skills but also fosters camaraderie and a shared passion for the art. 

Accessible only and exclusively through a Maydaan Membership.

10:30AM on Sundays

Interactive and fun sessions for kids aged 7-13! A class with experienced instructors to build on archery knowledge in a safe and engaging environment. 

Accessible only through a day pass or child/family membership.

8AM on Sundays

A structured class to advance you in your skills. Archers hone in on perfecting their knowledge and working on their errors. Involves drills, movement and constantly contributing to their skillset and increasing their knowledge. 

Accessible only through assessment.


More than just an archery club.

At Maydaan, we promote many historical and modern crafts.


Beginners Course

Nocking & String

Making Course

Wooden Arrow

Making course

Leather Carving

Beginners Course

Bow Making

Intermediate Course


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For adults, casual visits are only allowed for archers who have completed the beginners’ course. Unfortunately, without the course, you can not shoot at the range for safety purposes.

Children (below 13 years of age), are able to attend the club and classes with a casual visit

The kids class is strictly restricted to Ages 7-12. For safety purposes, we cannot allow a child under 7 to shoot in our kids class. 

Kids aged 13 and over must join through the beginners course.

Yes, for safety purposes, it is compulsory to complete the beginners course if you are over the age of 12 and wish to become a regular member.

This depends on your division of archery and experience.

If you are a senior intermediate archer or an advanced and experienced archer Please email to book in a day you can come in for assessment. 

We sell equipment! For all information and to view products, please approach us on Sunday or contact +61 412 969 116

Yes we do cater for private classes, events, and school bookings. 

Please send all details and requests to +61 412 969 116 or