Whether you have experience shooting a bow or it’s the first time you are coming in contact with archery you will find something in this course that is of benefit.

Archery is as Old as Humanity Itself

Based on the classical Ottoman teaching system that treated archery as a way of life, this course is designed to bring you in touch with those roots. By covering the 7 pillars of archery, you are provided with a sound foundation to start your archery journey.


  • Engage in 4 Structured Classes Covering Fundamental Archery Knowledge

  • All Necessary Archery Equipment Provided

  • Access to a Dedicated WhatsApp Group for Easy Communication

  • Explore the Spiritual and physical Connection between Archery and Salah


  • Gain access Maydaan Membership with Full Access to Archery Facilities and Resources

  • Achieve the Kepazekesh Standards for Proficiency and Skill in Archery

  • Acquire Essential Knowledge on Safety Measures in Archery Practice

  • Deepen Your Understanding of the Historical Significance of Archery