Individual Membership

From: $29.00 / month

Continue your archery journey by becoming a Maydaan member. Enjoy access to club grounds, in-house competitions, TAA membership, and more, as you join the Maydaan family.



  • Must have completed the Beginners course

  • Must have or be in the process of acquiring their own equipment including a bow, arrows and quiver

Perks of becoming a member:

  • Access to our club grounds most Sunday of the year

  • Be part of a community that are passionate about Archery

  • Access to Maydaan WhatsApp group

  • Access to spiritual teaching and guidance under the Kamankesh project

  • Opportunity to participate in in-house comps and other discounts.

  • Automatic membership to TAA (Traditional Australia Archery)

  • Access to TAA affiliated clubs Australia Wide

  • Access to TAA and cross affiliates competitions and events

  • Insurance cover with TAA and while going on hunts (must register to hunt prior to hunt)

Have you completed the beginners' course?

Completing a beginners course is a compulsory prerequisite to becoming a member

(only applicable to ages 13+)